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Manager of DevOps

Rafael Vieira

Rafael Vieira
Rafael Vieira

Rafael Vieira joined Inveniam in June 2023 as Manager of DevOps. Mr. Vieira has over ten years of experience in designing and developing enterprise software applications, with a strong background in high-performance backend systems, cloud computing infrastructures, machine learning models, and data analysis methodologies. Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Vieira has provided technical leadership, implementing advanced computing and data analysis tools that supported scientific research and commercial projects.

Mr. Vieira holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in both Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Management. He has over 15 international publications in different areas, including corporate credit analysis, simulation, mathematical modeling, and operations in financial markets.

His main responsibilities at Inveniam include designing scalable cloud solutions and ensuring the robustness and security of backend infrastructures. He also plays a key role in strategic decision-making and fostering innovation within the company.

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