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How Digital Markets

Understand Private Assets

The Digital Middle Office for Private Assets

Less searching, and more finding

Transforming the way your assets data is credentialed, extracted, structured and delivered. Unlock digital data on demand for owners, managers, administrators and service providers.

Enable your organization with real time access to trusted asset performance data and save both time and money.  Avoid inaccurate or discounted valuations due to unstructured and inaccessible data.

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$55,169,868,945 of Assets on Platform

Powering the Evolution of Private Markets

Apollo Allen Weiss

Allen Weiss

Fmr. Partner

Apollo Capital Management

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Inveniam is helping people monetize their assets with tokenization, and Inveniam's software allows businesses to mark to market the real estate assets they already own.

UK Centre for Policy Studies John Bullard

John Bullard


UK Centre for Policy Studies

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Here is a 21st century solution to a 21st century problem: how do we manage commercial real estate?

ADDX Oi Yee Choo

Oi Yee Choo



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People don’t realize they need liquidity until they need it; If you don’t prepare, then you can get caught without timely secondary liquidity.

Apex Group Georges Archibald

Georges Archibald

Chief Innovation Officer

Apex Group

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We are providing greater efficiencies for our clients today, while also putting trusted data at the foundation of a future-facing path to greater price discovery, tokenisation, secondary trading, and liquidity.

Ownera Ami Ben David

Ami Ben-David

Founder & CEO


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A token is useless if you don’t have data next to it, ergo Inveniam where you can create all the data up to the minute tethered to the blockchain and so on completely tethered to the token

Tokeny Daniel Coheur

Daniel Coheur

Co-founder & CCO


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Inveniam is building the common data layer for tokenization to enable many ties across the ecosystem to stay connected to token data

Apex Group Elaine Chim

Elaine Chim

Managing Director

Apex Group

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Managing and valuing data rich low frequency trading assets can be challenging. Inveniam brings efficiency to portfolio asset performance and valuations while providing greater transparency, trust and options for liquidity.

Use Cases

Trusted data delivered

Automate data credentialing and processing to deliver high functioning, interoperable data ready to use by internal or 3rd party applications

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Become a More Effective Data Owner

Control your data, make your data higher functioning, and commute trust so that others can rely upon your data