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John Bullard

John Bullard
John Bullard

Banker, board member, advisor, speaker and brand ambassador, John G. Bullard has been a pioneer in FinTech and the Digital Trust model for internet transactions and the operational risks that accompany it. Beginning his career as a manager with leading UK banks, then as a manager of the London Stock Exchange branch of Barclays, he shifted over to Barclays’ Computer Operations, eventually helping to found Barclays’ original ‘Information Security’ management team.

In 2000, Mr. Bullard played a key role in launching a global bank joint venture, originally named the Global Trust Network. Through several iterations, that Trust Network effort is still regarded as the benchmark for global trust, forming a blueprint for interoperability upon which newer technologies such as distributed ledgers are based.

He is now Global Ambassador for TrustChains and The Global Trust Alliance, Advisory Board Member of data optimization entity Alqami LLC; non-executive Board Member of Cashsmiths Innovations Limited; shareholder/Board Member of Bullards Holdings and its operating subsidiaries in the “Spirits/Drinks” sector. Bullards Gin is a rapidly growing product line, based on a cherished Norwich UK brand (Bullard’s family business) dating back to 1837.

A frequent public speaker, John is a member of the UK’s leading political/innovation thinktank The Centre for Policy Studies, founded by Prime Minister Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph. He is on the governing Council of the UK’s Conservative Party’s Science and Technology Forum based out of Westminster SW1 and has a Territorial Decoration from his time as a member of the UK Armed Forces.

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