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September 11, 2023

There Must Be Mechanisms to Create Trust in Data in a Decentralized Environment

There Must Be Mechanisms to Create Trust in Data in a Decentralized Environment

During their lifecycle, private assets are subject to business processes that straddle organizational boundaries. Examples of entities that may need to handle the same asset include GPs, LPs, fund admins, 3rd party valuation providers, lawyers, auditors, surveyors (e.g., for CRE) to name a few. X-organizational business processes typically rely on ad hoc bilateral exchanges of data. There must be mechanisms to create trust in data in a decentralized environment, this is a cross enterprise process automation or a cross enterprise service bus...#xsb will power defi of RWA, otherwise you have 10 finger automation servicing assets that connect to Defi, and digital Tradfi - which is not scalable.

Currently information is replicated through the data exchanges. Once data is replicated, the original data owner loses control of the information and its further dissemination, problems then develop. Each party needs to implement multiple data schemas, protocols, and APIs not only for the different categories of counterparties but also for different members of the same counterparty category; for example, an asset manager may have to interface with multiple valuation providers. Data often needs to be translated from an input format to a different output format. The N2 mesh of interconnections, interfaces, and data transformations creates a tight coupling between systems and makes it difficult for parties to evolve or replace their legacy systems, since such evolution or replacement would break the data exchanges with other parties and would therefore disrupt the associated processes. The process flow is implemented in an ad hoc manual way. Data security is difficult to ensure.

Inveniam solves this and is how digital markets can understand complex data sets, for real assets. You can not have RWA capital stack tokenized and locked, unless you have a mechanism to surveil the underlying asset.

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