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October 5, 2023

The Sun is Rising

The Sun is Rising

Everyone keeps asking where the magic beans are that will unlock this magic marketplace in the sky...let me make this clear, there are no magic beans, there is hard work, building, grinding, and delivering value over time and building trust.

Inveniam provides a robust solution for assembling, perfecting and publishing fundamental and performance information about private market assets. We are optimized for periodic valuation of assets as an integral part of our process. We anchor proofs of this information, marks to market, and the processes followed to perfect and publish it, on blockchains. Our platform is purpose-built to be the data provider for tokenized private market assets.

We have deep blockchain knowledge, and decades of experience in traditional financial markets, but we know we can not do this is the network. We must partner with folks like Tokeny, Polymath, Oasis Pro, Ownera, SS&C Technologies, Apex Group Ltd, Socium Fund Services, Cushman & Wakefield, Mastercard, Coinbase, Brassica, Anchorage Digital, SEI, Bain & Company In addition we need technology augmenting the platform with several additional components to fully realize the potential of private market real-world assets being tokenized: for primary issuance, secondary trading and importantly for repo trading: creating short-term liquidity opportunities for long-term holders of tokenized real-world assets, and loans collateralized by them. (Inception, G42, Further Ventures)

We believe that, like any asset class, more liquidity will lead to better price discovery for tokenized real-world assets. And like asset classes that have gone before, this will lead to more risk transfer via exchanges ... (ADDX, Archax, SDAX, U.S. Bank, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Euronext)

The value starts with better data, we invite as many as possible, partner with us as we build this global network ... the sun is rising ...

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