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August 14, 2023

The State of the State of Tokenized Real World Assets Demands Some Serious Commentators

The State of the State of Tokenized Real World Assets Demands Some Serious Commentators

The State of the state of Tokenized Real World Assets demands some serious commentators …

Below is a list of notable reports if you have interest. It is clear that people are getting their head around this next iteration of the market.

The real question is not if this is happening. It is when this is happening and how much market disruption will this cause. There is a pull for DLT to rewire the old market to new tech with all the same players and market bottlenecks, there is also a drive to look at how this can rearchitect financial services away from incumbents and imagine a more inclusive financial system, or as Sanjay Vatsa says, 'Democratize Alpha in Alts...'

When a developer does not need to go to a banker to get their deal financed (structured yes, but not distributed digitally - sell side), and the investor has total transparency into the assets in the vehicle they are buying, you will have a new set of dynamics on the street. New players like Coinbase, Robinhood, and Binance, are in the heads and phones of young people like Wall Street can only dream of...even X, the moonshot factory, or Twitter, Inc., Tokeny or Oasis Pro Markets, Rialto Markets, Terazo, ADDX, Archax, SDAX, Socium Fund Services, Movement Mortgage, and Google Cloud are pushing new looks and access points to how investors touch and access the market.

Buy side will be dominated by better data analytics, and algorithms and sell side will be more like SEO than the Wall Street we remember from trading floors of the 90's. The future of finance is coming and to quote Jamie Dimon in his 2015 annual letter, "Silicon Valley is coming," which was a general reference to that remarkable cohort of ambitious, technologically sophisticated people who have disrupted and transformed one industry after another.

The anvil upon which finance will be reforged is the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the blockchain technology that underpins it. This is my 2018 article on that...I may have been early...

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