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September 23, 2021

The Revolution Around Data Has Begun … And The Future Is Distributed

The Revolution Around Data Has Begun … And The Future Is Distributed

Bill Gates took computing from a corporate activity to every desk and every home. Data 3.0 for Web 3.0 takes the benefits of big data utilization from a giant corporate activity with massive data to benefit the smallest of entities.

This is beyond search, this utilization of data is for businesses, and the individual, and then to smart contracts. This is the movement where good data utilization and AI can process data to achieve a better outcome at the lowest level. Where you do not need giant data sets. and our operating system for data leaves the data artifact at its place of rest. Provenance and trust in that data is commuted by chain will allow it to be utilized in new ways that are trusted. This builds on Tim Berners-Lee’s semantic web vision and in fact powers the semantic web with the hard task (manual or 1.0) of taxonomy and then the better folksonomy (metadata that is communicated and categorized) that can learn using all the tools of AI.

Data 3.0 is moving the power of big data to the smallest of users or even smart contracts. The data is distributed, on the edge, and controlled by the data owner. The revolution around data has begun…and the future is distributed.

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