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August 25, 2022

The Giants Are Coming!

The Giants Are Coming!

“I-I am going to be a storm-a flame-
I need to fight whole armies alone;
I have ten hearts; I have a hundred arms;
I feel too strong to war with mortals-
– Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac (speaking on behalf of DeFi 130 years early)

The largest TradFi firms are coming into Blockchain, but they are also moving into DeFi and this is a very big story. In the next few weeks there are some crazy large announcements being made. The Wall Street Journal wrote aboutGoldman and JP Morgan using blockchain, see below…they also cited some of the really cool technology they are using. This is not only interesting, but it momentum building on the core functioning technology enabling DeFi.

One of the most powerful aspects of BTC is that it trades 24/7/365 around the world. This digital asset has stood trading on its head and points the way for how all assets will trade at some point in the future. Now there are gradations to this, i.e. is it an asset that demands a market maker, what is the regulatory obligations for that asset per jurisdiction (does it rely on an exemption, how are preserving that exemption), what are disclosure obligations. This demands a pre-trade compliance framework, a trading capability, and a post trade servicing of a digital instrument that most likely must be connected to a real world asset and have real time data on that assets performance so that a digital instrument representing a portion of its capital stack can trade. This will take a full eco-system to deliver this globally.

Inveniam is the operating system for data at the edge, to be delivered to the right computational engine (on chain or off), provide that audit trail, and the many different actors who need to service the asset and the instrument which will trade 24/7 globally. Our partners – like Apex, Cushman & Wakefield, Houlihan Lokey, Oasis Pro, Tokeny, Dynamic Mining, Deloitte, and Altus are now all delivering against this vision real time. As new players enter the space the goal is not to tokenize but to service this digital instrument so that token can transmit value, and 1) be accounted for correctly and carried on a balance sheet appropriately with this better data, 2) the regulatory cap requirements are clear, 3) it can act as collateral, 4) there is a secondary market for it, and finally, 5) new, novel forms of distribution.

The largest asset managers in the world are now taking advantage of 1, 2, & 3, and the public announcements are coming, next will be 4 and 5 as huge inventories go onto platforms like Oasis Pro and the global exchanges take early adopters, interval and closed end funds. Hold on to your hats DeFi, the GIANTS ARE COMING…

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