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October 19, 2021

The First Steps to Web 3.0 for Capital Markets Are Happening

The First Steps to Web 3.0 for Capital Markets Are Happening

“Don’t do that,” Cora told Rodriguez.

Cora said he did not want Rodriguez to show up Correa for getting out, and that the pitcher needed to maintain humility while finding success.

“We just show up, we play, and we move on, and he knows,” Cora said. “I let him know. We don’t have to do that. If we’re looking for motivation outside of what we’re trying to accomplish, we’re in the wrong business. The only motivation we have is to win four games against them and move on to the next round.”

The narrative has shifted in Defi and for Inveniam. We are no longer telling people why, they just want to see that it works, it is enterprise ready, and then they want to talk time to deployment. Credentialing data at the edge, a decentralized data environment allowing real world assets to price, automate waterfall, and then trade is what we are doing. If this does not excite you, you are in the wrong game. Banking and private markets are migrating to a new paradigm and the start is the architecture for data, price discovery, and automated waterfall calculations. The first steps to Web 3.0 for capital markets are happening. #Inveniam

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