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March 13, 2023

Recap: Inveniam Data 3.0 for Web3 Working Summit

Inveniam Data 3.0 for Web3 Working Summit

Recap: Inveniam Data 3.0 for Web3 Working Summit

From March 6 - 8, 2023, Inveniam gathered over 100 of our current and prospective ecosystem partners together in Miami for our 2023 Working Summit.  This included some of the world's most innovative companies with a goal of building critical mass in the digitization of private markets. In two days of highly interactive sessions, leaders from Altus, Apex, Bain & Co, Blackstone, BlackRock, Coinbase, Colliers, Cushman & Wakefield, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, MUFG, Oasis Pro Markets, SS&C, US Bank and many others stepped forward to engage as an ecosystem to address challenges in the broad deployment of Tokenized Securities.  We not only had the right companies present, but we also the right people in those companies, include C suite members, Global heads of Tokenization and Digitization, Heads of Real Assets, CTO, SVP of Technology and Tech Strategy, and numerous heads of operations for these firms.

The 2023 Summit marked an important step forward in further solidifying Inveniam's role as a thought leader across digital and private market ecosystems. The vision of 2022's conference--the digital global trading of private market assets--was made real, culminating in a multi-system demo highlighting the end-to-end tokenization of a real-world asset  (I wrote about this earlier on LinkedIn). This live demonstration of our joint solution incorporated multiple ecosystem partners to value real assets, calculate fund NAVs, push data to digital asset tokens, and list tokens on digital exchanges. The demo illustrated how assets and funds will be supported through their entire lifecycle as they trade in multiple venues around the globe.

This demonstration could have included far more than the 11 firms participating, but we were able to highlight global asset administrators (Apex) and valuation firms (Cushman & Wakefield and Altus), Accounting Firms (Deloitte) alongside third party ecosystem partners (ADDX, AKRU, Tokeny, Oasis Pro Markets and Ownera), the demo clearly illustrated the essential role that the data operating system plays as the foundational data layer throughout the journey of private market assets trading globally.

This year's working summit was intended to act as a catalyst in growing commercial relationships, raising capital, and building partnerships. The summit’s working sessions with customers and ecosystem partners were designed to advance planning and implementation of multiple projects that will reform management of private market assets toward a decentralized and digital future.  It is looking like it will achieve this goal and making the digitization of private markets a reality, today.

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