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June 21, 2022

Private Market Assets Will Trade 24/7 Digitally – with Trusted Data

Private Market Assets Will Trade 24/7 Digitally – with Trusted Data

Price discovery in public markets is often underappreciated due to the immense liquidity available.

But it all starts with reliable data.

Without it, market participants cannot converge on the true state of an asset. In the public markets this is achieved through audited financial disclosures available in the Edgar database. This allows investors to view the state of a company or asset and assess its value today and into the future.

Today, private markets, which outpace public markets in terms of size and growth, lack this infrastructure.

Inveniam seeks to change the status quo by delivering trusted data to private markets. We believe this will remove information asymmetry and open this asset class to broad array of investors.

We envision a world in which investors will be able to trade in and out of assets like private commercial real estate as if it were a share of a public company. Furthermore, investors will be able to use these assets as collateral for loans in DeFi.

Remember when you used to have to call your broker to place a trade for you? We believe that unlocking liquidity in private markets will have a similar effect on the economy as the move to digital trading that occurred in public markets with the birth of the internet.

The blockchain is just a tool we use to achieve this end-state.

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