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September 21, 2023

Private Market Assets Need Better Real-time Data Solutions

Private Market Assets Need Better Real-time Data Solutions

Private Market assets need better data solutions, real time solutions looking at data at the edge. Inveniam delivers these solutions. Inveniam opens the door to unlock illiquid assets and the digital trading of private market assets. This fundamentally alters Store of Value from a traditional cash reality to real world assets.

The key is smart provenance, or trusted data that feeds price discovery real time which leads to liquidity. With out data, that you trust, you must diligence that asset on a primary basis, sorting docs, doing comparative analysis in a manual fashion, this takes time and money. If you want to understand an asset real time, to trust data at the edge you need Inveniam. This allows you to understand the value of the collateral in the 'locked value' through a tool like centrifuge.

Banks have played a vital role in finance for hundreds of years, they served to facilitate the creation and maintenance of value, as production, innovation, and commerce was developed between individual, corporations, communities, and nations. Central Banks have also played a part and to the degree that there is an increase in monetary supply there must be a commensurate increase in production or there is inflation. Stability of Value of a currency is vital or there is political unrest and destruction of the social order. Think, Germany in the 20's, Daniel Ortega printing cash to destroy the middle class in central America. Venezuala's disastrous monetary policies, QE and the MMT here in the US is what we see in the inflation in the grocery story today... This is where technology will bring the ability to store value in assets that inflate as central banks abandon their original purpose and play politics to fund unbalanced budgets of nations.

Centrifuge is an example of an entity that is at the front of this. I was at their Real World Asset Summit (RWA summit) event earlier this week in NYC. Great meeting with so many folks from, Provenance, Blockchain Foundation, Anthony Moro, Illuminate Financial, Coinbase Asset Management, Coinbase Institutional, Oasis Pro.

Now I am in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for meetings.

Let me know if you are in UAE and have time to meet. I am with Sanjay Vatsa and we are meeting with folks who are pioneeringthe trading of private market assets. How trust is commuted, how value is stored, how people finance their assets is changing, add AI into this and the whole market will change over the next 5 years...

Here is JP Morgans testimony in the House (, my favorite line is when he is questioned on wether all credit is based on assets, and he says no, it is based on Trust, "If you had all the bonds in Christendom, I would not lend money to a man I do not trust." Investing in assets, that you trust the data on its performance, you have a third party mark, and have mechanisms for liquidity, changes private markets globally.

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