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July 14, 2023

Pre-Ripple and Post-Ripple

Pre-Ripple and Post-Ripple

Pre-Ripple and Post-Ripple

I believe that we will define the digital asset space into Pre-ripple decision and post Ripple decision. Three meaningful corporate actions that we (Inveniam) have been undertaking in some cases for nearly 18 months all moved forward last night. In one case I recieved a call where they said, "We want to move full speed ahead and start asap, here is what we need next week..."

This comes after an extremely challenging year, I don't think I need to count the ways...

The nonsense around secondary trading is clear, the tide has turned, the bottom has been set. The builders who built through this latest winter will be rewarded, survival is a strategic outcome and those who stayed, will be champions. Thank you to Ripple thank you to Coinbase and all the others for standing for the rule. I am excited to see Paul Grewals upcoming filings.

There will be more winters in the future and we may/will get a little more snow in this winter, but spring is here. The animal spirits are running free and people are moving forward. I thought Time and Change from Salvadore Dali was the right image for this moment.

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