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November 11, 2023

Powering Automation in Alts at Scale

Powering Automation in Alts at Scale

Just arriving back in the US from a great trip to the UAE. I had amazing meetings as we move forward with a number of projects. Most interesting were meetings with some of the coolest AI companies in the world. Adding attribution to automation allows us to move incredibly quickly in the alts space.

Trust = Speed
Low Trust = Slow = manual
High Trust = Fast = auditable attribution of automation

The ability to double click on every output from an automation function – ML, AI, RPA, facilitates spot audits and not redoing the previous functions in a complex asset as the asset is serviced pre and post trade, particularly in price discovery. This zero knowledge proof of State of Data is the on ramp to Defi in relationship to alts where you need data (GDPR or CPPP) compliance.

(video: Platform Overview) enables private asset owners and capital markets to meet in the DeFi world. Our patented blockchain technology creates higher functioning data and new opportunities for better pricing, trading and leveraging of private assets.

Data Verified by Inveniam™ provides Proof of State, giving rise to trusted valuations and enhanced asset value. Further leveraging the power of, this validated and trusted data enables Proof of Value and Proof of Process, through Valuation as a Service (VaaS) and real-time pricing.

(video: The Future of Private Market Assets)

This is how you power automation in alts at scale and feed smart contracts with auditable private market data.

This is how alts will trade digitally.

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