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November 29, 2023

OCEAN Launch - New Initiative Aims to Decentralize Bitcoin Mining

OCEAN Launch - New Initiative Aims to Decentralize Bitcoin Mining

Yesterday I was at the launch of Ocean ( in Greenville, SC. Congratulations to Mark Artymko, Ian A. Northon and Luke Dashjr as founders of this vital piece of infrastructure for Bitcoin. Luke is easily one of the most significant and prolific individual contributors to Bitcoin core globally. I am proud to sit on the board of Ocean, with Bob Burnett, and Giacomo Zucco, Luke and Mark. Jack Dorsey was our lead investor and has been an enormous supporter of the project, along with other supporters such as Square and Thomas Templeton.

Over the past year I have written about many aspects of Digital Assets, and Tokenized Real World Assets as a Store of Value.

All of this only works if there are chains that we can utilize and trust. It is beyond a doubt that Bitcoin is the largest most secure chain there is. Its decentralized nature is core to what has spawned all of DeFi and the changes to global capital markets and banking in general that are here and are coming over the next 50 years. I was proud to be part of the origin of this critical piece of infrastructure for Bitcoin and the future of Banking, Markets, and Money. Congratulations to the team at Ocean and to all the Investors, with a special shout out to Accomplice VC for their support. Here is a link to the Launch -

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