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April 3, 2024

Mubadala Purchases $500 million Stake in Anthropic

Mubadala Purchases $500 million Stake in Anthropic

Don't you love it when your friends become friends. Mubadala has bought a $500 million stake in Anthropic. This is coming right after the announcement of the creation of MGX with an initial Investment of $100 Billion ( M is for Mubadala, G is for G42 and x is the collaboration. G42 is a collaborator with us, and we hope to do more. Fiacc Larkin Ph.D They are focused on Investment into AI.

Lots of news in this area around the future of how capital markets will trade which is a data architecture, compute, and ledger interaction. Rumors are exploding with Microsoft and OpenAI Stargate. Ram Ahluwalia, CFA wrote a great piece about this today.

The super app is not one AI agent Ram, but one tool allowing you to use the appropriate AI tool on your encrypted vector data base. The ability for various tools to pass data back and forth for your enterprises benefit is the super tool that will transform private markets. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab are leaning into this as well.

Data will be on chain or in your smart cloud with a zero knowledge proofs on chain to provide proof of state of data and proof of process between ai agents. This is the future of how the $100 Billion Stargate will interact with Watson X and Antropic to the consumers benefit as they correlate assets and asset performance to drive derivate market places for Real World Assets like CRE, Infrastructure, Private Equity, and Private Credit. This next generation of Capital Markets will transform Private Markets and my bet is a large part of it will be anchored in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This is the vision laid out in the AI and Advanced Technology Council (AIATC)


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