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January 1, 2024

Leaning Into DeFi and the Next Generation of Capital Markets

Leaning Into DeFi and the Next Generation of Capital Markets

Happy New Year!!! Let me say that again Happy New 2023 was a crazy year. I love Vitalik's post, "Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again." We are in exactly the same headspace.

This was a banner year for us. We have just over $80 billion of assets that have been onboarded to our platform. In 2021 when we had $700 million on our platform we set an end of year target of $5 billion on platform, $25 billion for end of 2022, and $100 billion for end of 2023. We hit 2021 and 2022 but missed this goal for 2023, but we were able to book our best year in new contracts by nearly 9x. Tokenization of RWA is happening.

These positive results are being generated by an increasingly favorable environment, product maturity, and we are tighten our focus as a company. We had to remove all distractions, ie focus on classical early adopters of our software, this has a huge focus on DeFi, and not spending times with folks who only take.

In some cases this means partnering more than just subscriptions with regulated market actors and moving beyond a pure infrastructure provider. Our value proposition is clear:

  • Private data is prepared for asset-price discovery digitally
  • Price discovery is made faster and more efficient - automated
  • Asset values have Proof of Origin & Proof of Process + secure distribution
  • Market participants and exchanges are made more liquid and efficient
  • Owners and Investors benefit from pricing and liquidity
  • Automation with Trust, so that private markets can move faster... this opens the door for all sorts of AI, rpa, and ML with attribution so it can be deployed at scale commercially.

Watch these:

We are learning that our early metric of Assets on Platform, while important, is not driving the usage we hoped, but it makes us attractive to those who will and do you use our platform, and will pay us to do so. As we look at this multi-sided tech-platform, we are learning who we must give our tool away to for on a discounted/subsidized basis, who delivers the most value, and who will pay for that value, these are very different users/buyers. We are leaning into DeFi and the next generation of Capital Markets.

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