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July 28, 2022

Inveniam’s Data Operating System Brings Efficiency, Transparency, and Price Discovery to Private Market Assets

Inveniam’s Data Operating System Brings Efficiency, Transparency, and Price Discovery to Private Market Assets

We’ve been talking about our “Data Operating System” for Private Market Assets for a while now.

But what does this actually mean? And why should asset owners, managers, administrators, and investors care?

First, what does an operating system do?

An operating system brings powerful benefits to computer software and software development. Without an operating system, every application would need to include its own UI, as well as the comprehensive code needed to handle all the low-level functionality of the underlying computer, such as disk storage, network interfaces, and so on.

The key idea is that *without* an operating system:

  • Every application (e.g., Word, Excel, PPT) becomes much more *complicated* and difficult to implement
  • Each application is likely to be *incompatible* with every other application
  • The user experience is likely to be *different* for each application
  • The application will be *isolated* – its ability to use associated devices and the internet disk drives, networks, screens, etc. would have to be uniquely programmed into each application

Today, Private Market Assets are like applications without an operating system:

  • Data is difficult to find, verify, and is seldom in the formats needed
  • Determining FMV is expensive, time consuming, and often inaccurate understanding the capital stack, managing capital calls and distributions, and issuing K-1s is expensive and fraught with error
  • Opportunities for liquidity, leverage, and additional yield streams are inaccessible without continually refreshed data

Inveniam’s Operating System for Private Market Assets streamlines and organizes all aspects of the valuation process, including a 3rd party fair value mark. We call this “Valuation as a Service.”

We also streamline and automate Limited Partner expense allocations, capital calls, distributions, capital table management, etc. We call this “Waterfall as a Service.”

Our ultimate mission is to bring efficiency, transparency, and price discovery to private market assets.

Blockchain and AI are just a tool we use to accomplish this.

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