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April 8, 2024

Inveniam Podcast Series: The Global Trading of Alternatives/Real-World Assets

Inveniam Podcast Series: The Global Trading of Alternatives/Real-World Assets

We are putting the band back together again. We are going to launch a 15-part podcast on the technical aspects of tokenized Real World Assets. I will host these and will have Rick Bunker, our CTO, Kevin Cuddeback, our Chief Data Scientist, and Albert Berdellans, our head of AI as my primary co-hosts.

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Subject to change, all webinars will take place on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. EDT.

  1. The Foundations of Distributed Finance | Apr. 11: Exploring the interplay between DLT, distributed computing, and data sourcing in today's digital environment.
  2. Navigating the Multi-Chain Universe | Apr. 18: How a multi-chain world operates, understanding the value of unique blockchains and which will end up making markets that serve specific assets/asset classes best.
  3. The Value of Consensus | Apr.25: Delving into the significance of consensus mechanisms, the impact of public vs. private chains, and their influence on Global Trading of Real-World Assets (RWA).
  4. Redefining Private Credit and Public Debt in the Digital Age | May 2: Examining the intersection of the private credit market and DeFi and predicting when the large credit funds will enter the DeFi space at scale.
  5. Price Discovery in the Digital Age and RWA | May 9: Investigating how digitization and data rich, low frequency traded assets, connected to massive amounts of compute, can create new price discovery mechanisms that affect RWA, interval funds, and automated market makers (AMMs).
  6. The Dynamics of Digital Exchanges | May 16: Discussing the interaction between exchanges, particularly in a multi-jurisdictional digital reality, the significance of dynamic inventory, and the role of smart contracts and settlement layers in Global Trading of RWA.
  7. AI's Role in Tradable Data | May23: Exploring the explosion of compute power through AI and its integration with blockchain for attributable, actionable financial data, in a decentralized data environment.
  8. Oracles and Edge Computing | May30: The interaction between cloud technologies, on-chain data, edge computing, and the pivotal role of oracles in distributed computing, powering distributed ledger.
  9. Oracles at the Edge: Revolutionizing Blockchain with Edge Computing | June 6: Deeper dive into the ecosystem of data, oracles, and computing power within blockchain networks.
  10. Smart Contract Lifecycle Management | June 13: Outlining strategies for managing smart contracts in a dynamic market which still does not include real de-bugging tools, including off-chain vs. on-chain compute considerations.
  11. Modeling Risk in DeFi (and feeding those models) | June 20: Understanding, analyzing, and informing risk management strategies in the DeFi ecosystem.
  12. Geography, Jurisdiction, and Regulation in DeFi | June 27: Exploring how geographic specific regulated venues impact DeFi protocols and the manifestation of chains under different regulatory frameworks.
  13. Optimizing RWA for Institutional Adoption | July 11: Addressing accounting and balance sheet optimization needed for RWA tokenization and broader institutional acceptance.
  14. Professionalizing RWA Administration | July 18: The role of audit, end-user computing, AI, and DLT in the professional administration of tokenized assets.
  15. The Future of Funds | July 25: Preparing for mass distribution of ERISA compliant solutions for defined contribution, and interval funds, and discussion on who the new players poised to transform the market alongside the incumbents most likely to adapt and lead.
  16. **Bonus Episode: Bitcoin's Influence on Tokenized Assets | August 1: Debating Bitcoin's relevance and impact on the tokenization of RWA and the broader digital asset ecosystem.

We have an amazing cast of folks who will be joining us as new guests and old friends we are inviting back. Stay tuned for more info ...

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