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March 20, 2024

Inveniam Partners with LV8R Labs to Revolutionize the Construction Industry with Advanced BIM Technology

Inveniam Partners with LV8R Labs to Revolutionize the Construction Industry with Advanced BIM Technology

Inveniam Capital Partners, Inc. (“Inveniam”) announced its strategic partnership with LV8R Labs, a significant advancement in the construction sector. This partnership heralds the integration of Inveniam's leading-edge technology with LV8R Labs' innovative approach to Building Information Management (BIM), setting a new standard for efficiency and transparency in the industry.

LV8R Labs will utilize Inveniam's technology to power its BIM solution, streamlining communication and management processes during the design and construction stages of building projects. In a landmark deal, Inveniam secured an equity stake in LV8R Labs, underscoring the mutual commitment to transforming the construction landscape.

Patrick O'Meara, CEO of Inveniam, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: "We are thrilled to partner with LV8R Labs to tackle the complexities of the construction industry. Our technology will serve as the backbone of LV8R's BIM solution, enabling unparalleled coordination and data management throughout the construction lifecycle."

Jonathon Chambless, Founder of LV8R, shared his vision for the partnership: "Inveniam's blockchain technology is a game-changer for us. It allows us to offer a comprehensive BIM solution that is underwriting the digital transition of commercial real estate development globally. We're not just improving processes but empowering businesses to showcase their value and drive industry standards through real-time valuation of construction data."

LV8R plans to leverage Inveniam's platform to address two major industry challenges: streamlining the design and build process and enabling general contractors to effectively market their expertise. By providing a standardized construction workflow template, LV8R will help contractors highlight their unique processes and outcomes, moving beyond mere promises to demonstrable excellence.

Furthermore, LV8R's connection with tokenization platforms like Centrifuge opens up new possibilities for asset tokenization post-project completion, with Inveniam's data feeds enhancing the value and accessibility of these digital assets.

This partnership exemplifies the potential of blockchain technology to enhance document, data, and process immutability in construction, with Inveniam at the forefront of this digital transformation.

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