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December 15, 2021

Inveniam Is The Operating System For Private Market Assets

Inveniam Is The Operating System For Private Market Assets

Excited to post that we have over $5 billion on our platform. Better data on private market assets will drive better pricing and better performance in these markets. As more and more data is created by private market assets (i.e. CRE, PE, and Infrastructure) the concept of maintaining all of that in a single reference data lake, or one data base is both a fools errand and fights against the secular trend of owning ones own data. allows you to credential the data on your assets in your own data systems. This allows the DLT to commute trust in that data as you manage the state of the asset data, utilizing valuation, calculation, and distribution tools.

This data is not only provably the original and golden copy, it is “observable” from an accounting perspective. This opens the door for CRE becoming a Level 2 asset. The three elements needed are 1) observable inputs, 2) in period comps, and 3) sophisticated models. Long term partners like Cushman & Wakefield, Deloitte, and Houlihan Lokey as well as firms like JLL, Valustrat, CBRE, and Mercer who have started using our tools more recently will drive the comps and the sophisticated models. We will provide observability.

Secondary trading of private market assets will occur globally and we are going to see this next year. The foundation for all of this is trusted, permissioned access to the underlying private market assets. It took us nearly 4 years to get the first billion in assets, in Q3 of this year we added just under a billion in new assets. In Q4 we have done over a billion dollars of assets on platform per month. Our goal for next year is a billion dollars of assets a week for the year. It looks like we can hit this from where we are right now. We are excited for this new distributed data paradigm that will drive secondary trading of these assets. If we can prove the state of the asset, Cushman can value the asset, Apex can value the capital stack, and then that capital stack can be traded. Secondary markets for data rich low frequency trading assets is coming.

Inveniam is the operating system for private market assets. We deliver the data to the token, and then others will facilitate the token to the investor, this is where partners like Tokeny Solutions, Securitize, Vertalo, Texture, OasisPro and others will come in, then we will see players like Euronext and LSEG join in.

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