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December 1, 2022

Inveniam is Smart Provenance for Private Markets

Inveniam is Smart Provenance for Private Markets

Incremental opportunities for liquidity enhances this product. Real time access to underlying asset data, monthly marks by 3rd party valuation firms, and a NAV set by technology driven Administrators pave the way for listing on multiple exchanges where enhanced liquidity comes in the form of secondary trading. This digitization is all real today, is on the back of blockchain and it is why Larry Fink and David Solomon are speaking about Tokenization.

Auditability, observability, and digital traceability with cryptographic proof of all data elements of an assets performance drive trust in the asset data. This improves accounting treatment, this speeds up diligence, this is the foundation of secondary markets for Alts. This rolls up into closed end and LP structures, that are Tokenized. We believe that this is where tokenization will happen first, and the benefit of smart buildings moves from the ability to control the thermostat from New Jersey to reduced cost of capital. Digital middle office will transform Digitally forward asset managers and administrators. Ten finger automation and excel is not Middleware, Inveniam is how you manage your asset data globally, instrument your data, and deliver to any computational tool on demand and as scheduled (with the DLT commuting trust in provenance). This computational system can be a legacy system or a smart contract. Inveniam is Smart Provenance for private markets.

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