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September 4, 2023

Inveniam is Making the Ecosystem Work

Inveniam is Making the Ecosystem Work

"Blockchains will do for networks of enterprises and business ecosystems what enterprise resource planning (ERP) did for the single company." - EY Blockchain opening Headline -

Inveniam has already made this vision a reality. The Inveniam platform serves as the Cross-Enterprise (or ecosystem) Process Automation (think services or solutions bus or C-ESB) that facilitates cross-enterprise business processes similar to enterprise service buses facilitated cross-departmental processes within a single enterprise. This technology is also applicable within enterprises that have siloed divisions operating independently for a variety of reasons (e.g., historical lack of business overlap, growth through M&A, operational separation dictated by regulatory requirements). Apex Group Ltd MUFG Socium Fund Services SS&C Technologies

  1. Inveniam’s federated data room (FDR) allows platform users to access data from multiple sources and to always access the original (“golden”) copy of the data, thus avoiding replication and inconsistencies.
  2. The original data owner maintains data sovereignty and can use Inveniam’s elaborate permissions mechanism to control access to data by other parties.
  3. The Inveniam platform implements multiple data protocols and APIs, thus removing the burden from individual parties.
  4. The platform can transform information from one format / schema to another, including extracting structured data from unstructured documents using Inveniam AI. This is particularly useful in the financial services industry, where much of the information is obtained from signed unstructured documents (e.g., LPA agreements, appraisal reports).

1,2, 3, & 4 exist in an environment where we can use the blockchain to provide proof of origin of data, proof of process across multiple organizations, and then proof of state of the underlying asset or collateral in a DeFi environment. It is imperative that we service assets pre and post trade and the ability to manage tasks done repeatedly on assets, that inform the value of the various pieces of the capital stack must be done in an automated and provably complete manner. This is Inveniam, later this week we are rolling out our "app store" for asset owners to buy services for their assets whether it is valuation (Cushman & Wakefield, Deloitte, ValuStrat) waterfall (Deloitte, U.S. Bank), custody (Anchorage Digital, U.S. Bank, BNY Mellon, Coinbase) banking services (Traditional and DeFi lending protocols coming in Q4), tokenization (Coinbase Institutional, Tokeny, Polymath, Swarm, Oasis Pro Inc.), listing on exchanges (Oasis Pro Markets, Archax, SDAX, ADDX, Rialto Markets, and soon major markets like Euronext), even the choice of chains and platforms they want to Tokenize their assets, capital stack, and/or funds using all of these systems across an ecosystem in concert...

This is what EY meant, and they are spot on... Inveniam - join us in making the ecosystem work ...

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