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May 2, 2022

Inveniam Insights featuring Jenna Koppinger

Inveniam Insights featuring Jenna Koppinger

The Inveniam team is full of bright, innovative thinkers who are striving to move the industry forward. Some of them you might have met, but others, who have been working behind the scenes, you might not have met yet.

To put the spotlight on Inveniam employees who are working smart day in and day out, we’re launching a three-part blog series. In this first post, we’ll introduce you to Inveniam Sales Associate Jenna Koppinger, who is responsible for identifying market opportunities and connecting existing and new clients with beneficial product offerings.

Keep reading to learn more about Jenna and how she propels Inveniam clients to success.

You first encountered Inveniam while in school at Michigan State University — how did your curriculum foster and expose students to emerging, rapidly evolving technologies?
Jenna: Michigan State’s entrepreneurship school [Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation] and Neil Kane, who was at that time the director of undergraduate entrepreneurship there, did a great job creating an engaging curriculum. I was also exposed to a lot of emerging tech at MSU’s amazing co-working space called the Hatch, which was restricted to students involved in the program and start-ups in the area. In the program, I expanded my freelance videography company, JRK Productions, to serve over 100 clients. I was supported throughout the process, which was important for me as a one-man band. I was offered legal support, developers for website and social media needs, and mentors. I’m really thankful to have been a part of the program, especially as it helped me significantly in my media work.

What has your experience been like at Inveniam, from starting as an intern to becoming part of the sales team?
Jenna: My experience at Inveniam has been very technical and full of growth. As an intern and financial analyst, I was able to engage with all areas of the firm. Now, in sales, I am market-facing and learning more every day about our clients. I have the chance to really visualize the possibilities in our addressable market. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s been great to see the company rapidly expand.

What have you learned — about the industry, business, or sales — that you consider the most surprising?
Jenna: The most surprising thing has been how small the capital markets and technology sectors really are. My teammates are extremely connected, so we see overlap in our networks almost daily.

What do you enjoy most about the day-to-day?
Jenna: I enjoy collaborating with our team the most. Everyone has a really interesting story. The collective experience at Inveniam is not one you can find at other organizations. It’s truly a team full of all-stars and I am grateful to be working with them.

With Web3.0 more in the public eye, have you noticed any changes in the course of doing business these past 3–6 months?
Jenna: Yes, there have been many changes in the past 3–6 months as to how we engage with the market. It felt like previously we were trying to tell our story and explain what we do. Now we are able to really dive into specific client benefits and technical details because market participants better understand blockchain technology and fintech as a whole. It’s awesome to show our prospects the amazing things we can do for them and, now that they understand the landscape better, we can see the light bulb in their head go off even quicker as we talk through those points.

How do you describe the industry to people you’ve just met? Your friends?
Jenna: I say that the industry, and especially how we look at solutions, is on the bleeding edge. Our platform and concept is the first of its kind. I normally touch on the fact that some things we work on are solutions for the future state of digital financial assets.

How has your family reacted to your passion for this very new industry?
Jenna: My family has really embraced my passion — they love to discuss Inveniam’s concepts and brainstorm ways to apply Inveniam’s offerings to new industries. They have always supported me and believe in the company as well as this emerging industry.

What do you do for fun/relaxation outside of work?
Jenna: In my free time, I am normally editing videos or spending time on the water, boating, and surfing with family. I also read a lot and love to DJ. House music is my favorite but I like to mix in rock and country when the crowd will enjoy it.

Stay tuned for the second and third installments of our Q&A series.

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