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May 12, 2022

Inveniam CEO Pat O’Meara Joins Board of Oasis Pro Markets

Inveniam CEO Pat O’Meara Joins Board of Oasis Pro Markets

I am excited to announce that I am joining the Board of Oasis Pro Markets. Inveniam was able to participate in the OPM round announced today. We are lucky to be associated with them and the stellar leadership team.

Private markets are poised to lead the adoption of digital assets in the coming years. Not only do private markets dwarf the size of public markets, but they also present significant opportunities in value and growth, particularly when better data removes information asymmetry in the market.

The lack of sufficient infrastructure in private markets today leaves us with poor data. This poor data leads to information asymmetry in the marketplace. Information asymmetry leads to mispriced assets. Finally, mispriced assets lead to poor liquidity and impaired value.

Inveniam is leveraging distributed ledger technology today to deliver the high functioning data needed to accurately value and price these historically illiquid assets. Our mission is to make global trading of private market assets possible in a highly liquid marketplace.

As investors increasingly diversify into private market assets they are demanding enhanced liquidity.

Enter Oasis Pro Markets.

Oasis Pro Markets, a regulated Alternative Trading System for digital assets, is poised to deliver this liquidity in partnership with an entire eco-system of technology, finance, and Fintech firms who will interface with the markets via OPM and other such ATS’ around the globe.

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