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May 11, 2024

Full, Unfettered Movement of Value Will Explode Free Markets

Full, Unfettered Movement of Value Will Explode Free Markets

It was a crazy busy week this week, 4 cities and both coasts. While in NYC we met with some of the smartest guys using AI in the public REIT market, the following link is to their sub stack post (that mentions us).

Full, unfettered movement of data exploded commerce digitally as the knowledge economy evolved in ways never imagined. That changed how we use data, new companies were launched and dominated. in addition the type and number of devices grew meaningfully.

Full, unfettered movement of value will explode free markets in ways never imagined, but in a commensurate manner in which the internet did with data.

To do this we need 1) Decentralized/Distributed data, 2) Decentralized/Distributed compute, and 3) Decentralized/Distributed ledger.

The goal is not an acceleration of the work of existing silos, or the creation of new silos, but the ability to aggregate liquidity across silos. Any centralization across, ledger, compute, or data, will limit the free market possibilities and only lock in incumbents.

We must have silos for geographic, regulatory, and functional purposes, but we must not lock any such silo. We must architect this system, in a regulatory compliant manner, where the regulation is clear and not capricious, yet it also has the mechanism for aggregating this liquidity. This has multi chain, native digital instruments, that has distributed compute of data that sits at rest at the edge. This is vital for the viral networked benefit of free markets to truly take off.

Partnering with some of the largest data, compute, and RE companies we are building the market ready tools to drive daily pricing of RE, which will drive RE Indices, and other Real Estate derivatives. To do this we need to be able to pull data at the edge, price the gross asset, real time run the waterfall, daily calculate the carry, and then price the capital stack. this can not be done with out RPA, ML, and AI...this can not be done with out auditability, traceability, and attribution. With this we can also daily price GP interests, I can imagine some people will want to trade that as well.

All of this underlying asset data, and these new RE derivatives are coming and then delivering this data to folks like Armada will create the generation of Real Estate investing.

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