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March 13, 2024

Forging a New Paradigm in Data Utilization

Forging a New Paradigm in Data Utilization

The next generation financial services company will deliver compute on demand to data at the edge, informing digital instruments on the distributed ledger. This delivery of compute to data at the edge will power asset understanding and price discovery. This asset and fund admin functionality delivered to private markets will drive global liquidity. The ability for private market asset owners (CRE, Private Credit, Infrastructure, and Private Equity) to control data in their own systems, and have AI like G42, IBM Data, AI & Automation, Amazon Web Services (AWS), taking unstructured data, processing that data and structuring it, informing an encrypted Vector data base that sits on their premises or their instance of Inveniam will power real time valuation and broad global comps for local assets. For this to happen we need attributable data from AI, so we know that there is not hallucination.

Data creation is growing exponentially and the value of that data is being understood broadly. Asset owners want to own and control their own data because it holds the potential to unlock new realms of understanding and innovation and operational/business execution. Inveniam is the framework for this distributed data architecture and we help asset owners manage the data not just as a resource about their assets, but as an asset. AI, blockchain, and cloud technologies together will forge a new paradigm in data utilization.

Secure, Intelligent Data Ecosystems

Data needs to flow seamlessly, securely, and intelligently across a myriad of platforms and stakeholders for digital trading of alternative assets to become a reality. Inveniam is downstream infrastructure on AI for secure compute. Data needs to be not just processed but understood, a must inform decision making, so the signal can be found in the noise.

AI-Driven Attribution

The transformative power of AI added to DLT and distributed data will transform capital markets for alternatives. AI is a catalyst for change, automating the process of structuring data, with Inveniam additng attribution and using zk proofs to ensure accuracy, reliability, and relevance. This automation is not just about efficiency; it's about creating value through the data because you can find it (Inveniam means to find), audit it, and relate it to other data sets while still controlling it.

Smart Cloud + Chain

Smart Cloud (built in if/then functionality) + Chain is a powerful amalgamation that leverages the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, coupled with the security and transparency of blockchain, creating a data management ecosystem that's robust, dynamic, and inherently trustworthy. ZK proofs are the interchange between these two tools that can give data owners the tools and autonomy to manage, share, and leverage their data on their terms, in a secure and transparent data...

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