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April 28, 2024

Different Horses for Different Courses

Different Horses for Different Courses

We have become a Swipe left or Swipe right people, this is a problem, we must be able to wrestle with complex thoughts. The world is complex and the more we reduce it into caricatures the less we learn and grow. Back in the day we were taught to love our enemies, now we can't love someone who disagrees with us on anything. We demand 100% agreement on all we think. This is a problem, it creates maximalists, Bitcoin Maximalists, BTC is the only chain the matters, AI maximalists, with enough compute and a large enough data set, AI will solve everything.

In Religion a heresy is the taking of a truth to the exclusion of all other truths. But it is true. If it was false it would be easy to refute. In Science it is Pathological Altruism, where you attack new data that is challenging ( I can not encourage you enough to read this article on Pathological Altruism, everyone needs to read this.

There is the famous fist fight in Cambridge where they fought over light being a wave or a particle. it turns out it has characteristics of both and our models are not yet robust enough to understand reality. This is known as humility where we still can learn from the data.

Pride prevents us from asking questions when we don't understand. It prevents us from growing and developing. If you do not have friends or colleagues who think differently, vote differently, and/or solve problems differently, then you are part of the problem. Get to know people, projects, learn about them, what are they solving. don't reduce them to a buzz word...become friends with people who vote differently than you. Start by learning, making friendships, and loving other. If you find they say something that challenges you, you may be on the verge of learning. Don't surround yourself with people who agree with you, surround yourself with people who are smart, intellectually curious doers.

To not acknowledge the value of BTC, and it's innovation is to be obdurant, to think it got everything right the first time and no other chain matters is a religious belief, not a rational thesis. If you think AI will not change everything, you live under a rock, if you think it does not need other tools too provide attribution, auditing, QA, transparency, so models can be improved and AI agents can use the model for the right task, you are naive.

The right tool for the right task, or different horses for different courses, right Patrick F. Campos? Peter Drucker taught us that professionalism and manners were the grease that move the gears of machinery forward at speed. People want to be clever now, with a sound bite, instead of seeking wisdom. Wisdom honors others, even as you disagree.

Servant Leadership cultivates an environment where we learn and can experiment, do something new that we can not yet define into a buzzword. Humility, is a foundational virtue. Oh, BTW Inveniam is transforming capital markets, just not alone.

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