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September 16, 2023

DeFi is a Team Sport

DeFi is a Team Sport

DeFi is a team sport. it is not an individual sport. If you think you can build a silo and succeed in the next version of our financial markets you will fail.

The network is not owned, it is built, it is cultivated, it is shared, it is a community. As the saying goes, you can fork a chain, but you can not fork a community. (Whoever said this, thank you and I am sorry I can't give attribution).

Tokenization needs exchanges, exchanges need custody, custody needs transfer agents, tokenized assets needs accounting, real assets need structuring and legal so we know what is tokenized, defi protocols need locked value, and they need borrowers, lenders need to understand collateral. We need reporting, we need to feed risk models, portfolio manager's need to understand their assets performance and the market broadly, everyone needs data they can trust....who will do all this? How will we do this separately...

I love those who are building and supporting their partners... Do not think you can do it alone... If Inveniam can help you get in the game, let us know and we will support you. We need help, we can give help, together we will move faster...The swarm will win.

it is skill and will, as Michael says, although I hate that he describes working on a computer as a solo item...his point is still well taken. This is a team sport.

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