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March 26, 2024

Decentralized Nature of Data Creation Will Only Accelerate

Decentralized Nature of Data Creation Will Only Accelerate

The next generation of Capital Markets for Real World Assets (RWA) will live on decentralized ledgers and will use new forms of compute that pulls data from the edge on demand and provide real time data on the underlying assets. Any constraint on the decentralized nature of compute, ledger or data, erode the value and the viral possibility of the network. The compute capability being driven by NVIDIA and AMD does not matter if we can not use these tools with ease, and serially. Companies need to manage not only data input but also output, and QA on ai and then understand how does this computation fit into a companies control and monetization of their own data.

The decentralized nature of data creation will only accelerate, the demand that we centralize it in a data lake before we process it is an architectural anachronism. Decentralized data, with proof of origin and proof of process is how ai agents will exchange data an auditable fashion, while preserving control of data by the data owner. This is essential in creating a trustworthy and transparent system where data provenance is verifiable and immutable. Inveniam's logs and anchors each action and document with a unique hash in the payload of blocks on multiple blockchains. This ensures its immutability and enhancing the trustworthiness of data​​​​. This is particularly critical in private markets, where data's opacity has historically been a significant barrier to efficient pricing and liquidity.

Decentralized compute, this include corporate utilization of AI, plays a transformative role in extracting and structuring data from unstructured documents at the edge. Inveniam's AI environment leverages machine learning and natural language processing, significantly reducing the labor costs and errors associated with 10 finger automation. Actual automated data extraction and structuring are crucial for the rapid and accurate valuation of private assets, driving efficient market pricing.

This auditable and logged data powers real-time data and performance reporting, making private assets more accessible and tradable. This accessibility is a critical step in unlocking the value of RWA, which have been historically illiquid due to data unavailability and inefficiencies in traditional valuation methods​​, as well as opening doors to marketplaces that do not rely on negotiated closing because of EUC data feeding the marketplace.

By ensuring data integrity, transparency, and efficient processing, the platform is making private assets more investable, tradable, and valuable. This is not just an incremental improvement but a fundamental reshaping of how private market assets are managed and transacted, paving the way for a more fluid and dynamic financial ecosystem.


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