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February 9, 2024

Decentralized Data Architecture

Decentralized Data Architecture

Decentralized Data Architecture (“DDA”) is essential for the decentralized movement revolutionizing capital markets for alternatives to scale. This market evolution is utilizing new technologies that power decentralized markets, these include DLT, AI, and the Inveniam proprietary platform that powers DDA. Inveniam powers the automation and digitization of alternatives, by providing proof of origin, proof of process, and attribution for automation solutions for data which powers the necessary computation around alternative, that is the foundation for Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”). Inveniam connects distributed ledger, to distributed compute with just in time data, that is auditable and can be pulled from the edge. provides a host of efficiency benefits to owners of real-world private market assets and their service providers, such as fund managers and valuation firms, while giving them a very real call option on the coming tokenization of alternatives. Our proprietary platform powers the trusted data layer that informs key functions for the trading of digital assets. Even though widespread digital trading of private assets has not yet commenced, our platform is fully operational today and has already conferred substantial value to the $90+ billion of assets that have been added to our platform since inception. We believe that our unique solution, supported by a robust suite of patents, will serve as an integral part of the global trading of digital interests in real world assets. This will be incarnated in several very real transactions/marketplaces/and venues that will launch in 2024.

Price discovery is essential for private market assets, such as commercial real estate, private equity, private credit, and infrastructure. This lack of fundamental data make these asset classes less liquid and less transparent than public market assets. When they change hands, they typically do so at a discount to comparable publicly traded assets. allows these assets to always be ready for sale, with real time, or near real time price discoverey. This allows the promise of Tokenizing interests in such assets and making them available for global trading to be made a reality and will unlock substantial value inherent in these assets, but that is only one of many ways we can help unlock their value.

It will require an eco-system to usher in this new paradigm.

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