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June 5, 2024

Bringing the Ability to Manage and Control Data to Every Organization

Bringing the Ability to Manage and Control Data to Every Organization

This WIRED article is why centralized data marketplaces/solutions will die. Bitcoin created the mechanism for there to be transfer of value in a trustless environment. For there to transfer of data in a trustless environment the solution can not be the world's largest data lake. Microsoft brought computing to the desktop and creativity exploded. Inveniam is bringing the ability to manage and control data to every organization. This will launch an enormous amount of creativity and creation in data rich, low frequency traded markets, like Real Estate, Private Credit, Private Equity, and Infrastructure. AI will process this data in entirely new ways.

There is and will be (for the foreseeable future) a major market need for properly organized and credentialed data that forms a reliable basis for AI compute. Blockchain is perfectly suited to serve as the backbone of this combined with a robust platform like Inveniam with federated data infrastructure, granular permissions, and meticulous workflow definition and control tools.

There is value to organizing, structuring and having auditable provenance for data for many reasons – not only AI. Any and every form of automation needs this, RPA, ML, AI, and smart contracts. This is the power that will drive complex assets coming on chain and trading. This will transform every alt so that it can be traded digitally.

Every Alt fund, and every large asset will have its own AI agent. In a world come to an asset manager near you this bot will need to get data from many systems, this is called RAG -(great blog on this

- RAG for use with generative AI, especially interesting in use cases for broad corporate knowledge bases, and structuring of unstructured data in alts needs Inveniam to thrive.

- We will also require Provenance of data used to TRAIN the AIs. Perhaps for the core training done by companies like OpenAI and Anthropic, but there are reasons they might be hard to crack. But when companies inevitably want to do additional training of AI for their specific use, this will become key. Elon Musk has been writing about this for some time.

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