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October 19, 2023

Automation + AI + Attribution + Distributed Data = The Future of Capital Markets

Automation + AI + Attribution + Distributed Data = The Future of Capital Markets

Trust = Speed

No Trust = Slow

AI with Attribution and Trust = Automation and the next generation of private market asset servicing, which enables price discovery, real time data (asset surveillance), understanding of collateral, accounting treatment, lending, and digital trading of private market assets on a primary/secondary basis.

Natural language AI will accomplish the vast majority of the manual data operations historically done by service providers to Alts, in real time. This will replace the need for multiple different data extraction tools and would also perform many of the 10 finger automation functions outsourced/offshored today. We are piloting this today, Q4, rolling out at scale next year. The analysis, transformation, standardization, visualization, reporting, etc. functions that will be performed by Inveniam client themselves using the same natural language prompt, similarly in real time.

This is the cutting edge of current technology. Amazon announced an investment of $4 Billion into an AI company called Anthropic. This was followed a few days later by an announcement that Anthropic's Claude 2 model was now publicly available on Amazon's Bedrock platform. Buried in this announcement was the revelation that AWS had been quietly working on integrating several AI models into its Agents for Amazon Bedrock tool.

Originally built for customer service chat bots, the Amazon Bedrock Agents feature allows these AI models to utilize AWS Lambda functions. As a result, these AI models can:

  1. Extend foundation models to understand user requests and break down the tasks it needs to perform into smaller steps.
  2. Collect additional information from a user through natural conversation.
  3. Take actions to fulfill a customer's request.
  4. Make API calls to your company systems to carry out actions.
  5. Augment performance and accuracy by using data sources that you provide to facilitate Retrieval- Augmented Generation (RAG).
  6. Carry out source attribution using Inveniam

This is an enormous leap in functionality, made possible due to the enormous infrastructure resources AWS can provide. Inveniam can help your Fund Admin business leap forward, it can help your alts offerings to become digitally native from the back office, through the middle office, all the way to the front office. This is what will power smart contracts...this is what will power DeFi...This is what will revolutionize the capital markets, and Store of Value broadly...

Automation (Process) + AI (Discovery/extraction) + Attribution (Trust) + Distributed Data (Trust) = the future of capital markets... Investment Bankers will look different in 10 years...Remember how the guys trading in the pit needed to be big enough to not be pushed out of the way. Now what do they look like?

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