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September 14, 2023

AI is Here, Let Us Help You Use It

AI is Here, Let Us Help You Use It

Lets talk about how AI/Private Markets/Blockchain work together. AI with out attribution is error prone today and tomorrow creates unlimited potential for manipulation of markets and social media... Inveniam allows you to use AI to extract private market performance data, crypto graphically prove the origin of that data, prove the #XESB cross enterprise process automation through our service bus (we call this proof of process), that you can use to provide proof of value for an asset, so you can provide proof of value of the capital stack, or the collateral for locked RWA value on DeFi.

AI is coming and the ARM IPO is part of the market pricing of that ( SoftBank Group Corp. has a many year bet into ARM and called this early, lets see if how the Market will price that. AI needs to be able to prove source of data, concurrently and over time. This ZK proof of a hash in the payload of a block, along with proof of process will fundamentally change the middle and back office of private markets. The large processors of data (Fund Admins) will either be leap frogged by this tech or transformed by it as there is native adoption beginning in the jurisdictions where new legislation is mandating 3rd party marks on Alts. GIFT City In India is leading the way as Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) must have 3rd party marks. Using AI to extract data is a gimmick unless it is auditable, transparent, and available at scale.

The cloud allowed collaboration on Data within a trusted environment. DLT + Inveniam allows you to have the same in a Trustless environment, where you control your own data. This data sovereignty is paramount when there are GDPR requirements, or other such obligations. The vast amount of data being created will only grow... It will live at the edge, Inveniam's federated data room, #XESB our cross enterprise service bus allows cross ecosystem process automation so DeFi can scale. In addition to scaling, it must have the ability to source data on the RWA with real time surveillance of the asset.

Inveniam's clients are largely using us to deliver better data today as they prepare for the digital tomorrow...but we are also working with those who are working to denominate the x axis of every adoption chart in months or quarters instead of years. AI is here, let us help you use it to power your middle office, let us provide attribution to every number, and let us help you power your risk book, pricing models, and inform the locked value on your protocol...

Inveniam wants to support all the innovators in DeFi and help TradFi prepare for the digital tomorrow by building your digital middle office today.

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The Arm IPO Will Test Investors’ AI Conviction (

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