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August 15, 2023

A Decentralized Market Solution Set Will Drive the Broadest Economic and Human Development

A Decentralized Market Solution Set Will Drive the Broadest Economic and Human Development

Free and observably fair markets need to be mechanisms for material needs to be met but they must also exist is such a way to respect the fullness of the human person, and key among this is that we must have the breathing space, the freedom to reason for our good, the good of our families, and of society as a whole. We do so as the primary agents of change in our own lives. We see across the globe a desire for governments or others to be the responsible actor to meet the material needs of its populace. This is contrary to the empirical evidence of the free market at work. In 1980 nearly 50% of the globe existed on $1/day, in just over 30 years that went to under 20% as China and India adopted free market reforms.

Progress can be denominated by the ability persons to feed themselves, but can not be reduced to the mere accumulation of wealth; the numerator must include for man to have this freedom, or mental breathing space for thought or we lose not only the freedom but the courage to be at the service of higher goods for all of mankind, the eleemosynary acts that transform society itself.

The decentralized nature of data and information flow protects these rights to power these responsibilities. These associations form true relationships, beyond economic interest as we seek the good for ourselves and our families and bonds form among us, this can not be a shared vision of the bad, or a common enemy, (this devolves quickly) but of a common good which we seek together both of the end and joint ownership of the means to achieve it. We used to conceive of governments to provide freedom and our rights (primarily property, but also civil liberty) today there is a global ask for governments to derisk everything and in return there is a loss of freedom.

The loss of hope or despairing of the ability to thrive, particularly for some in the wave of advancement of technology that many do not understand or even can conceive of how it works manifests itself not in hope as an incentive to labor or understand, but a subservience, which will never end well. A decentralized market solution set will drive the broadest economic and human development. Every effort to centralize this, is an avenue to erode freedom.

A purely technological solution set is not the answer but distributed risk, trusting each person to seek the best for one's self and family, while never losing sight of our obligation to care care for the vulnerable. The desire for the good of only one's self leads to loneliness/isolation and robs man of his highest calling, the pursuit of truth to aid all of man. This is not writing the perfect piece of code, but developing technology that serves, enhances, and frees the broadest number of people and this is technology used within a construct or system which is decentralized. Good intentions with out knowledge and seeking the truth is blind and dumb, and technical advancement with out an end in mind is selfish and souless.

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