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December 17, 2023

2024 Will be Roaring

2024 Will be Roaring

We are near to the close of the year. I just finished my last trip of the year, I was in Abu Dhabi trying to wrap up a deal and move another forward. On Tuesday I was in Toronto speaking at an event hosted by Polymath.

This market is speeding up unquestionably. We still have a number of deals we are trying to close by the end of the year.

Store of Value will change, price discovery of Alts will allow them to become stores of value with daily liquidity with full transparency on the asset performance. Connected to your Mastercard you will save, spend, and trade in real assets. You will rely on companies like Cushman & Wakefield to denominate the assets that have real time reporting from the assets data systems themselves connected to global comp sets.

This will drive completely new means of financing alts, it will be an amalgamation of banking, tradfi and defi, in the next generation of Capital Markets. The concept of consumer debt not using big data is insane, Inveniam delivers the data for it to come to commercial real estate, Infrastructure, Private Credit, and private equity. Every bank in the world is trying to scale and take part in today's hot dot, private credit. This is how you scale, admin, reporting, and price discovery on collateral...this year is ending, the holidays are upon us, but 2024 will be roaring for these markets in many new locations and financial centers. Merry Christmas as we look to re-newed hope, just look around at the decorations... Happy New Year...

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