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July 13, 2022

#026: Taking Digital ATSs to The Bank with Pat LaVecchia

#026: Taking Digital ATSs to The Bank with Pat LaVecchia

Oasis Pro Markets, CEO, Pat LaVecchia knows TradFi and DeFi, and in this episode, Mr. LaVecchia discusses the ways in which Oasis Pro Markets is integrating its digital ATS directly with DeFi applications as part of a digital asset evolution.

Pat’s own personal journey from TradFi to DeFi provides valuable insights into what he found most intriguing about the crypto, blockchain, and digital assets, along with a compelling perspective on how Oasis Pro Markets is addressing institutional investor problems and concerns.

Some of the topics covered, include:

•Overview of DeFi

• What brought Mr. LaVecchia to DeFi/finance background

•Oasis Pro Markets value prop/market focus

•Blockchain benefits to institutional investors

•The evolution of DeFi infrastructure

•Demystifying the notion of hacking as it relates to digital securities

•Future of DeFi: fractionalizing assets & real estate

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