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May 3, 2022

#013: Demystifying DeFi-implementing strategies and tactics

#013: Demystifying DeFi-implementing strategies and tactics

With each guest representing a varied and unique aspect of decentralized finance, Inveniam, Chief Product Officer, Jeff Guillot;, Founder & CEO, Jeff Chambers; Oasis Pro Markets, CEO, Pat LaVecchia; Crownpeak, Chief Strategy, Walter Leicher; and Vertical Equity, Founder & CEO, Shannon Robnett deliver a comprehensive view of the strategies and tactics that are driving success in today’s Web3 ecosystem.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and success, this group looks at decentralized finance in practical business terms and starts to demystify much of the rhetoric around decentralized finance.

It further points to the reality that if you want to understand decentralized finance, it’s best to talk with the business professionals who are thriving in the space.

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