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Chief Blockchain Scientist

Paul Snow

Paul Snow
Paul Snow

Paul Snow joined Inveniam in June 2021 as Chief Blockchain Scientist. In this role, Mr. Snow contributes his broad experience in building novel and powerful systems to address data centric problems to building powerful Inveniam solutions.

Mr. Snow founded Factom, a blockchain designed to handle data centric use cases such as digital identity, supply chains, loan origination, etc. Factom’s design allowed millions of documents to be secured by the Bitcoin Blockchain, allowing a landmark ruling by China’s supreme court that blockchain can be used as evidence in Chinese courts.

A true open-source evangelist, Mr. Snow founded a meetup group for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2013 (which he continues to host), chaired the Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin Texas from 2014 to 2018, contributed designs for the Colored Coins projects, as well as to the design of the Ethereum virtual machine, and has advised many crypto projects and companies.

As an engineer, Mr. Snow has three patents for graphics hardware and system configuration technologies. He designed and implemented a Rules Engine approach still in use after nearly 20 years by the states of Texas and Michigan to determine eligibility for billions in assistance programs health and human services. His work on testing of decision tables also resulted in a patent. Mr. Snow has also applied for over three dozen fundamental blockchain patents, has been awarded seven, and three more have been allowed but not yet issued.

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